Agriculture Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers

Khazra chelated nano fertilizers are a new generation of fertilizers produced based on advanced Chelate Compounds Technology (owned by Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-based Company). Application of these fertilizers in farms, gardens, and greenhouses increases the yield, quality, and health of agricultural products at the same time and increases the resistance of plants against various environmental stresses and pests and diseases.

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The Application Benefits of Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers

No soil salinity
No environmental pollution (nitrates, heavy metals)
Increase yield production from 20 to 200 percent
Increase resistance to environmental stresses
Increase resistance to diseases and pests (reducing the need to use pesticides, and producing healthy products)
Increasing the shelf life of agricultural products
Enrichment of products in the field (increasing product protein, increasing secondary metabolites, enriching the product with micro and macro elements)
Improving the quality of products (improving the shape, size, grade, scent, and taste)
Metabolism Effect khazra

Metabolism Optimizing Effect of Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers

Advanced Chelate Compounds technology is a unique technology to achieve a simultaneous increase of “quantity and quality” without genetic manipulation and solely through nutrition. Khazra chelated nano fertilizers have “metabolism optimizer” feature. By consuming them, through the management of cellular commands, the metabolic reactions of the plant cell move towards “balance.” The achievement of using these products is a significant increase in the performance and health of products, improvement of productivity, and a significant increase in the benefit-cost ratio. This comprehensive and all-around effect is solely due to the optimizing metabolism of Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers

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