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Seed Priming

Seed priming is a process in which seeds are soaked in a solution(s) before cultivation to foster seed germination, increase the size of the root and establish seedlings.


Different Kinds of Seed Priming

  • At winnowing in case seeds are mixed with pesticides.
  • Mixing seeds and priming solution in one mixer:Depending on the size of the mixer, seeds are put in the mixer and the priming solution is added and mixed with diluted water while the mixer is on, and finally mixing continues until the mixture is beaten completely.
  • Some specific amount of seed is put on the ground and the needed amount of priming solution is sprayed on the seeds while they are simultaneously being mixed with a shovel.   


Seed Priming by Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro and Zinc Fertilizers

Seed priming by Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro or Zinc fertilizers fosters seed germination, accelerates the rate of protein synthesis, expands root size, increases tillering in cereals, regulates seed phototropism, establishes seedlings and boosts resistance to environmental stresses (drought, frostbite, etc.), pests and diseases.


N.B.Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro fertilizer is more effective than Khazra Nano Chelated Zinc fertilizer in improving seed germination parameters.

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