Some of the agricultural products such as apples, watermelons, tomatoes and summer crops show more sensitivity of Calcium deficiency. The reason could be that Calcium mobility is so slow in the plant and therefore, its mobility is possible just through the xylems due to being captured in vacuoles. Calcium mobility in xylem is inactive. It is a low-mobility element which moves only through the mass flow of water. The activated Calcium accumulates in leaves along with water.  In spite of high intensity of Calcium (even higher than critical levels or sufficient levels), the fruit suffers from Calcium deficiency in summer because of high evaporation from the leaves surface. As Calcium plays an important role in strengthening the cell wall, the capacity and duration of warehousing will increase in the fruits with more accumulation of Calcium.

Khazra Nano Chelated Calcium Fertilizer

Khazra nano chelated Calcium fertilizer contains 7% chelated Calcium with the following features:

  1. Increasing root development
  2. Reducing the damages caused by environmental stresses like frostbite
  3. Preventing the plants from physiological effects caused by Calcium deficiency such as the rot of tomato blossom end, softening of tissue and water core development in apple, the effect of bitter-pit spot, pear suberization, lettuce scorch, celery blackheart and dieback of growth parts in most of the plants
  4. Reducing the fruit fall before ripening
  5. Increasing the products’ quality and period of warehousing
  6. Enhancing the quality and durability of cut flowers after harvesting
  7. Well flavored fruits

One of the most important methods to maintain and improve the soil fertility is applying fertilizers balanced and equal. Unfortunately, the last year statistics of consuming chemical fertilizers show little consumption of Potassium fertilizer in comparison with Phosphate and Nitrogen fertilizers. However, Potassium is more absorbent than any other mineral elements and in comparison with Nitrogen, its absorbance is eq­ual or even more. Imbalance in consuming chemical fertilizers gradually increases Phosphorus rate in soils while declining Potassium sharply or using up in soil of some regions. It finally causes disruption in the plant nutrition and reduction in the quality and quantity of agricultural products. What is more important is that it will change the soil traits adversely in a long time.

Khazra Nano Chelated Potassium Fertilizer

 Khazra nano chelated Potassium containing 27% chelated Potassium has the following features:

  1. Increasing the number of cluster, the seed in each cluster and the weight of 1000 seeds
  2. Enhancing  the resistance to lodging in cereals due to increase in number and diameter of vascular bundle
  3. Enhancing starch and the quality of potato
  4. Increasing the sugar rate in sugar beet  and sugarcane
  5. Enhancing the percentage of splitting and reducing seedless pistachio
  6. Improving the color and increasing the carbohydratesof fruits specially in apples
  7. Increasing the size of fruit and the degree of sweetness in citrus fruits
  8. Well- flavor, well- burning and high quality in tobacco
  9. Enhancing resistance to pests and diseases such as apple and pear  fire-blight ,citrus canker, potato wind burn and blossom end roton tomato
  10. Enhancing  longevity and warehousing period of cut flowers
  11. Increasing the plant tolerance to soil salinity
  12. Increasing plants resistance to frostbite
  13. Enhancing the efficiency of plant transpiration in water stress condition (increasing the efficiency of water consumption)

Khazra Nano Chelated Fertilizer Vegetables and Summer Crops Specific

Khazra Nano chelated vegetables and summer crops specific consists of a balanced compound of 12 nutrients (including macro and micro elements) and has the following features:

  1. Increasing photosynthesis and leaf area
  2. Enhancing flowering
  3. Preventing flower and  fruit from falling before ripening
  4. Invariability in size and ripening in fruit
  5. Improving and accelerating fruits’ staining and ripening
  6. Increasing the size and weight of fruit
  7. Reducing Nitrate accumulation in vegetables and summer crops
  8. Improving the color, taste and aroma on vegetables (onion, garlic and leafy green vegetables like mint, basil etc.)
  9. Preventing the fruit tissues from softening, increasing the consistence and warehousing trait of fruit
  10. Increasing carbohydrates’ accumulation and transfer to the fruit in watermelon, melon and cantaloupe
  11. Increasing resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stresses (water shortage, frostbite and salinity)

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