After plant dormancy and beginning their active growth along with temperature increase, the plants will need humidity more and therefore irrigation will be done frequently.  Plants reinforcement and resolving nutrients deficiency through fertilizing is one of the vital stages in Spring which guarantees plants growth and health.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are the main growth and evolution controll elements so they are called macroelements. The plants require Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Molybdenum and chlorine in a little amount so they are called microelements. If a plant suffers from one of these main elements deficiency, applying microelements fertilizers will not enhance yield unless the limiting factor is resolved. Micronutrients perform their important role which is increasing production, after balancing the application of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium fertilizers.

Khazra NPK (20-20-20) with a special and unique formula containing Nitrogen20%, phosphorus20% and Potassium 20% purely and chelatedly.  It can be used as both foliar spraying and soil application simultaneously and provide plants’ required macroelements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) completely.

Nitrogen participates in the plants cell’s structure in form of protein, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and hormones. The Nitrogen existing in this fertilizer  results in increasing the chlorophyll development,   balance expansion and development of organs, enhancing the production of plant proteins, increasing the yield, getting leaves darker due to chlorophyll increase.

Phosphorus asan essential macronutrients after Nitrogen and plays an important role in producing and transferring energy. As a structural element, it participates in making nucleic acids which transfer genetic information in plants. Phosphorus existing in this fertilizer takes part in the pollen structure along with the other elements.

Phosphorus is a vital element in production yield, flower and seed formation. It increases the production of fruiting body.

Potassium does not exist in the plant’s structure but itis an essential element in making some amino acids. The potassium existing in this fertilizer is effective in synthesizing and transferring carbohydrates and generally carbon dioxide consumption and is needed for cell wall formation. It also plays an important role in water absorption, absorption balance of elements, increasing the quality of product, photosynthesis efficiency, plant resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stresses.

Khazra Nano Chelated Fertilizer Cereals Specific

Achieving a proper yield and qualified product requires providing the plant’s need of all the macro and micronutrients. Not only is a product related to an element solely, but also depends on the interaction between multiple elements because availability or not availability of one element can facilitate or prevent the other element absorption or in case of deficiency it will cause the malfunction of other elements through disrupting the plant growing process. Therefore, to achieve the desired efficiency in the plant especially in wheat and barley, precise information and plan about the balance between fertigation and nutrition in needed.

Khazra nano chelated Cereals specific fertilizer, a compound consisting of 12 essential elements for the plants and capable of being applied as fertigation and foliar spraying at the stage of stem elongation and the early stages of spike formation causes an increase in:

  1. Leave's chlorophyll
  2. Photosynthesis efficiency
  3. Carbohydrates and protein transferring from leaf and stem to the seed
  4.  The number of clusters
  5. The amount of seed filling in each cluster
  6.  The efficiency of water consuming
  7. Resistance to drought stress
  8. Resistance to pests and diseases
  9. Stem strength which causes a decrease in lodging.

Eventually, applying this nano fertilizer also results in increasing the production per unit of area (increasing the seed yield, the weight of 1000 seeds and straw and stubble) and also enhancing the quality of product (enriching the seed and increasing its protein, germination capacity and more growth in the next harvest).

Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro Fertilizer

In some countries, the deficiency of micronutrients specially Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Copper, and Molybdenum are so common in most of the gardens and farms due to:

  1. calcareous soil and high pH,
  2.  low percentage of organic matters,
  3. availability of bicarbonate ions in irrigation water,
  4.  low solubility of micronutrients in alkaline soil
  5.  overusing phosphate fertilizers.

 That is why the average of agricultural yields is generally so low and therefore it has damaged agricultural economy. Khazra nano chelated complete Micro fertilizer containing a balanced compound of micronutrients and the capability of being applied as both fertigation and foliar spraying has the following effects:

  1. Increasing the yield
  2. Improving the quality of products such as increasing the amount of protein in cereals, warehousing period of onion and potato, the amount of ascorbic acid and citrus fruirs' juice and improving the color, taste and aroma of saffron.
  3. Producing the seeds with the more germination capacity and vegetative growth in the next harvest.
  4. Reducing the intensity of the pollutants such as Nitrate and Cadmium in the edible sections of agricultural products.

Increasing the photosynthesis rate causes the chlorophyll intensity and the other plant pigments such as carotene and xanthophyls and as a result, not only does it improve the terminal bud growth and the number of leaf and flower buds and increase pollination and fruit set, but also it prevents flowers and fruits from shedding so much and controls somewhat alternate-bearing event and increases the tree’s resistance to cold stress.

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