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Is it necessary to apply other fertilizers at the time of using these products?
     All commonly used fertilizers can be replaced by khazra chelated nano fertilizers noting the required element.

Is Khazra consumption effective in the irrigation frequency?
     Yes, it is. It can be decreased due to increasing the water efficiency and ripening rate of agriculture products.

Will Khazra consumption have undesired effects on agricultural product’s analyses?
     Khazra chelated nano fertilizers are synthetic organic compounds that are free of any kinds of hormones, toxins and radioactivity.
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Does Khazra change texture of soil?
     Carbohydrate compounds in Khazra chelated nano fertilizers are beneficial on soil’s physical structure but it does not damage the texture of soil.

How should be Khazra applied in rainfed crops?
     First method: it can be mixed with other solid and granular fertilizers on the farm and dispersed superficially
     Second method: foliar spraying on leaves (recommended)

Is it possible to mix Khazra with pesticides?
     Generally it is not recommended to mix pesticides and fertilizers simultaneously.

What is the best time of foliar spraying?
     Early morning or before the sunset.

Can Khazra be applied to trees by flood irrigation?
     Yes, it can. But to optimize fertilizer consumption, it is recommended to follow the directions for use.

Can Khazra be applied in a combination of other fertilizers in fertilizer spreader machines?
     Yes, it can. The exact application percentage of fertilizer must be specified.

What is the use instruction for tall trees which there is not the possibility of foliar spraying?
     Deep delving individually or irrigation and deep delving simultaneously can be applied.

What does chelate mean?
     It is a Latin word that means claw. A chelate is a chemical compound that shields different elements.

Is Khazra absorbable in calcareous soils?
     Salinity is the natural problem of the areas with coarse texture and low annual rainfall. Khazra chelated nano fertilizers are completely absorbable in all soils

What should be done if Khazra fertilizer is inhaled or accidentally eaten by livestock or human?
     However Khazra fertilizers are not toxic, it is recommended to consider your doctor.

The fruit is ripening. Can I apply Khazra yet?
     If the fruit filling stage is not completed yet and you have at least 1 month before picking, you can apply fertilizer as foliar spray. Best results will be earned
     if used in the proper season and time in which deep delving and subsequently foliar spraying are done.

Our agricultural product is infected by a fungus. Experts have recommended reinforcing the plant and have not prescribed any pesticides. 
   Does Khazra help reinforce the plant to treat fungus?
    Applying Khazra nano chelated Copper will increase the phenolic compounds in the plants naturally which leads to treatment and resistance against fungus
    disease in crops and fruits

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